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Struggling with

watercolor painting?

Having a hard time getting them do what you want?

It’s a little embarrassing to admit this, but so many people really struggle trying to paint with watercolors.

It is even possible that you have been painting with watercolors for a while, yet you feel like everything you ever created looked like a little kid made it.

Your colors look muddy. You can’t control the paint brush as well as you’d like. Your pictures look flat and nothing has any dimension or depth. Any and all attempts at shadowing are disastrous.

What could you be doing wrong?

You really aren’t doing anything wrong.

The reason you fail with watercolor is because you...

a) try to learn watercolor painting from books
b) watch those Youtube art tutorials that are looking fantastic however you fail to copy them and in the end, you are left out in the cold with several unanswered questions.

Actually there is a bunch of little tricks that make it a LOT easier to understand how to paint with watercolors – and many fail to mention these tiny yet really important details in their tutorials or courses.

But before we proceed, I want to let you in on a top secret:

'There is no such thing as a bad painter or a painter who lacks creativity; there are only painters who have not found the right tools they need."

What’s the tool we are talking about?


If you’re not familiar with Skillshare, it’s an online learning community for creatives, home to thousands of classes on anything from watercolor painting to hand-lettering to character design – it’s basically the Netflix of learning. And a great place to upgrade Your Watercolor Painting Confidence And Skyrocket Your Skill.

Supercharge Your Watercolor Painting Journey On Skillshare

Until recently, learning a profession involved spending HUGE amount of money in college, attending classes even when it’s not convenient for you - making access to this kind of degree very undemocratic.

Fortunately, with the evolution of technology, this process has become a little less complex due to the popularization of online learning platforms like Skillshare and the amount of knowledge that can be accessed over the internet.

Currently, Skillshare has more than 4 million students enrolled and measures put in place to ensure that anyone teaching via the platform is qualified. Thanks to Skillshare, your dreams of becoming an expert watercolor painter can become a reality.

Believe it or not, Skillshare is transforming education as we know it. And with Skillshare, three things are sure; learning is Affordable, Never Difficult or Complicated.

  • FREE unlimited access to over 2000 premium watercolor painting videos for 60 days.
  • Watch as many videos and learn at your own pace – no matter the time of day.
  • Offline access to videos on your tablet or mobile device.
  • Get direct feedbacks from your teachers when you have questions.
  • No advertisements.

With Skillshare you know you are getting only the best in education.

How to sign up?


Step 1

Follow this link to sign up on a desktop computer to get unlimited access to 2271 watercolor classes for FREE for 60 days (unfortunately it’s not working on mobile phones and tablets)

Step 2

After signing up, Skillshare will ask for basic details such as your e-mail, name, credit/debit bank card number or your Paypal, but here is the trick:

If you signup using the above link, you WON'T get charged a penny for 60 whole days - that's plenty of time to watch the classes and find out if Skillshare is the right choice for you.

If you decide that Skillshare is not for you, then you will only need to cancel your registration before the free trial ends, and Skillshare won't charge you a dime.

But if after the 60-day period, you decide there’s just no going back… then there is more good news.

A premium membership won’t put holes in your wallet… or put you in debt. In fact, with just $15.00 per month, you can opt in to their monthly subscription.

Even better, if you decide to go for an annual subscription, the cost drops to $8.25 per month (equivalent to $99.00/year).

That is considerably less than some gyms charge for 1 month. Think of it as exercise for your creative muscles.

However, because this offer might not be up for long, I’d recommend you sign up now while it’s still fresh on your mind.

Remember, with Skillshare you’re not just given access to a single class, you are enrolling into a full truckload of courses to help you build a complete set of skills.

Go ahead and sharpen your watercolor painting skills
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p.s. The two months free trial link is an affiliate link, which means I will earn a commission if you sign up for the free trial.
If you got stuck in the sign up process feel free to dm me and I'm happy to help you!

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