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Is this you?


  • Love to paint, but worry that you’re not artistic enough and will not be able to paint as well as other people
  • Try to learn watercolor techniques by reading books that sound easier than they really are
  • Find it difficult to control the amount of water to paint ratio on the paper
  • Struggle with wet-on-wet consistently; have difficulty in figuring out how much water to use when painting with watercolors
  • Wish you could control the flow of the paint more
  • Always have a hard time finding a motive. And when you finally do you struggle to make your painting look exactly like what you have in mind

I could go on and on about the different struggles that painters like you go through every day, but that won’t change anything – it’ll only make matters worse.

You don’t want a constant reminder of what you’re doing wrong. What you need is a way out, a fun new way to start creating the watercolor painting of your dreams.

Although it doesn’t look like it…

And you may be thinking that this is way too hard. Trust me it is WAY easier than it looks. If you can trace an outline and color it in, you can do this. Seriously, you have to try it!

And The Best Part…

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars in art school
or spend years learning things that work and things that don’t!

What if you could skip all that and get a professional step-by-step training from a watercolorist who has taught more than 6000 students around the globe on how to watercolor with ease?

That way you don’t spend your precious days collecting hundreds of art supplies you’ll never use or buying art books and watching countless watercolor videos that just make you want to give up painting entirely!

You want something a bit more structured. The right training that cuts off all the fluff and teaches you the ONLY things that matter – basically everything you need to master creating your own watercolor portrait.


Easy to follow step-by-step online watercolor classes with Eliza the Watercolour Witch

My art classes

Super Easy Watercolor Classes

If you are searching for extremely easy watercolors, then this series of watecolor classes are for you. Fun, quick and easy.
And of course, coloring pages are included so you don't need to stress about drawing the lines :)

Click here to learn painting watercolor crystals the easy way

Click here to learn painting a fun spooky house. Prefect for Halloween home decoration.

Click here to learn how to create fun watercolor patterns with salt and learn to paint Pine trees with galaxy background.

Stylized Watercolor Portrait Classes

Click here to learn how to paint this forest fairy portrait with watercolors

Click here to learn how to paint galaxy / nebulae hairs with watercolors.

Click here to learn how to paint this spring witchy portrait.

Click here to learn how to paint this mystical pisces seer portrait.

Click here to learn how to paint this watercolor portrait with galaxy /northern lights background.

Watercolor Galaxy Classes

If you are interested in how to paint mysterious galaxy nebulae and northern light patterns with watercolors, this serie is the best choice for you. In these classes not only you are going to learn how topaint these recently so popular galaxies but I'll also teach you how to incorporate these beautiful patterns into various part of your paintings.

"It is great for who does not know where to start, and wants to create beautiful paintings with no experience. This builds up confidence . I attended tens of classes , and no other teacher was as supportive and engaging as Eliza. Thank you!"

@Bianca Flavia Todor, Skillshare student

"I would most definately recommend to a new student that they take any and all of Eliza's classes. The class subject matter is quite unique and all classes are very beginner friendly with step by step instruction AND line art templates of the class subject provided. This takes away the intimidation of having to produce a sketch."

@Terri Brodhagen, Skillshare student

"It is super simple, almost like just coloring when you use the templates. Just fun, takes the hard work out. But then even for me (more advanced), it gave me the confidence to actually paint a 'real' portrait of a friend of mine! :-) "

@Claude C, Skillshare Student

"I would highly recommend your class, especially to beginners like me! I am quite busy so finding time for painting can be difficult. Your videos are short but include all the steps necessary to complete your project even if you don't have a large amount of time to devote to painting. Eliza also lets us know the colors and types of supplies we need and the outlines are easy to access. I love your classes!"

@Debra Watt, Skillshare Student

"I would recommend any of the Watercolour Witch Eliza's watercolor classes because they come with free download line art which takes a lot of the stress out of painting. I would also recommend these classes because the teacher is informative and gives examples and explanations and makes watercoloring enjoyable and easy and exciting."

@Christina Kary, Skillshare Student

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