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Are you one of those who think they

Need innate talent to become a good artist?

I'm Eliza, the Watercolor Witch and I make practical art tutorial videos for art enthusiasts like you designed to make learning super easy so you can begin to reap the amazing benefits of an artful practice sooner!

I was born into an artist family as the ”black sheep” - I was the only member who couldn't even draw a stick figure properly.

My gradmother was an art teacher and watercolorist, my little sister, my cousins, they all were creative, so called "natural talents,” while on the contrary I struggled like hell when it came to drawing and painting.

I was unconfident with my art skills and I always compared myself to other artists but most of all I thought my art was a failure. After a decade filled with never-ending artistic self-judgement I realized one thing.

Watch this video to find out what was that huge realization which changed my mind and started my artistic success:

digital nomad priestess

Still can’t get enough of me?

I skipped the small talk before, I get it. So here are some random facts about me:

  • I’ve travelled across Europe as a pet sitter. When I’m not drawing, you will most likely find me next to a pool in a hammock accompanied by my furry friends.
  • I’m a sucker for succulents, horticulturally insane & proud mother of many plants.
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a herbal witch and live in the forest. And now I still enjoy wild camping in the wilderness.
  • Hint, hint... You can bribe me anytime with a jar of Nutella … or with rare Japanese comics.
  • But most importantly, I'm here to help you ignite your spark of creativity and skyrocket your watercolor skills!

Art made with love and positive vibes

See what my students said about my classes...

"It is great for who does not know where to start, and wants to create beautiful paintings with no experience. This builds up confidence . I attended tens of classes , and no other teacher was as supportive and engaging as Eliza. Thank you!"

@Bianca Flavia Todor, Skillshare student

"I would most definately recommend to a new student that they take any and all of Eliza's classes. The class subject matter is quite unique and all classes are very beginner friendly with step by step instruction AND line art templates of the class subject provided. This takes away the intimidation of having to produce a sketch."

@Terri Brodhagen, Skillshare student

"It is super simple, almost like just coloring when you use the templates. Just fun, takes the hard work out. But then even for me (more advanced), it gave me the confidence to actually paint a 'real' portrait of a friend of mine! :-) "

@Claude C, Skillshare Student

"I would highly recommend your class, especially to beginners like me! I am quite busy so finding time for painting can be difficult. Your videos are short but include all the steps necessary to complete your project even if you don't have a large amount of time to devote to painting. Eliza also lets us know the colors and types of supplies we need and the outlines are easy to access. I love your classes!"

@Debra Watt, Skillshare Student

"I would recommend any of the Watercolour Witch Eliza's watercolor classes because they come with free download line art which takes a lot of the stress out of painting. I would also recommend these classes because the teacher is informative and gives examples and explanations and makes watercoloring enjoyable and easy and exciting."

@Christina Kary, Skillshare Student

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